Five Youtube Videos That Earned My Thanks

When my family makes it’s way around the table so that each person can offer something for which they are thankful, I am going to be pretty tempted to say thanks for Youtube.

I know I am not the only one either.

How many times have you found yourself in a situation and you didn’t know what to do? Sure, maybe the first thing you did was think, “Oh, I know! I’ll Google it.”

Then your browser takes you to a list of videos on Youtube showing you how or to a list of blogs which include said videos within the text.

It may seem trivial, but, man, I am thankful for Youtube.

Since I am in such a festive mood, here are 5 videos for which I am particularly thankful:

1.  How to Carve a Turkey (from Art of Manliness)

One thing I am doing in a current discipleship group is working through what we call man-plans. We each chose 2-3 things we wanted to learn from a list found in this great book on biblical manhood.

One of the things I chose to learn (or really re-learn) is how to carve a turkey. This video was just what I was looking for. The corresponding blog article also includes step by step written instructions.

If you’re a guy whose never taken the reins of the holiday bird, check out the video and step up to the serving plate this Thanksgiving.

2. How to Tie a Tie (from

I am not embarrassed to say this video might be one of my best-friends.

Before serving at a church where tie-tying knowledge is a necessity, I didn’t really have much of a demand in my life to step up and learn how to tie a tie. As I hit graduation from seminary and went through the interview process, the demand picked up quickly.

At this point, I no longer need to watch the video. But I do find my way back to the site to brush up on my technique or to look at other knots.

Still don’t know how to tie a tie? Check out this video to learn how to tie a half-windsor knot.

3. Kings to Win Protest Against Grizzlies

One, I am thankful for the Memphis Grizzlies. I am thankful for the Grit-Grind. I am thankful for their NBA-best start to the season.

I am also thankful for really funny videos. When I first watched this video, I was overly anxious that the NBA was going to strip the Grizzlies of their controversial win over the Sacramento Kings.

Lastly I am thankful for Rickrolling.

4. Surge is Back!

When I found out that this once-extinct beverage was making it’s way back to the market on Amazon via a Facebook campaign, I ordered several cases.

I am thankful for the many memories it brought back from my days growing up in a crazy youth group.

I am thankful for Surge, as it helped me accomplish one of my initial goals when I became a youth pastor: Make a kid throw up. 

It was glorious.

5. Katy Perry – Dark Horse – Ten Second Songs Cover

For one thing, I am thankful that people who have talent (not talking about Perry here) still have an outlet to showcase their creativity. This guy is awesome.

But I am also thankful for this Katy Perry song for another reason.

One night this fall, some students decided to play some pranks on the youth pastor.

They didn’t know what they were setting themselves up for.

I may or may not have kept the students up til 4 a.m. I may or may not have poured water on all of them as they slept in their sleeping bags. I may or may not have thrown their stuff in the street.

I may or may not have played this song and sung some of the lyrics in a very menacing voice while blowing up balloons filled with shaving cream.

No matter how long I live, Dark Horse will be a song very close to my prank-loving heart.

So thank you Youtube for letting me reminisce on my night of terror in 20 different styles.

Obviously in the endless spectrum of Youtube videos, there are a number of other videos that I have enjoyed or benefitted from this year, but these are 5 for which I am especially grateful.

What about you? Send me a link to a Youtube video that you are thankful for this year.


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